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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 12, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. innocent victims, a woman struck by a bullet in her living room. a 5-year-old girl shot playing in her neighborhood. tonight baltimore's top cop walks the streets to deliver a message -- stop the violence. hello. they were two people caught in the cross-fire. one a community activist, the other a little girl. tonight the police commissioner walked in the neighborhood where the girl was wounded to make it clear the violence is not acceptable. we're live at city police
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headquarters. kelly mcpherson walked with the police and citizens on patrol. >> reporter: they walk every month but it was dramatic with the commissioner going up to people on their stoops and demanding they clean up the street and kick out the violence. >> let's start walking. >> we're going to hit the streets. >> reporter: the patrol is happening one night after another bullet hit a innocent person. a leader took a bullet in the shoulder. >> i remember an explosion, i remember when i went down hearing gunshots. >> they try not to be discouraged. >> she gives toys out to the kids in cherry hill. this is just amazing, amazing woman to know. >> reporter: what is. >> what is disturbing she is an active community person in the area so, thank god it was not
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worse. >> reporter: five weeks ago police cameras caught the shooting that injured 5-year- old raven. they are demanding change. >> i'm not telling you to call him or me, i'm telling you, you have to help get the word out in the neighborhood and say enough of this. you have to be a man in the neighborhood and stand up and lead. >> there is no answer to a lot of it. >> to come out and this is out of the blue just to see where everybody is at and try to help us as a community. this is beautiful. >> reporter: will it make a difference. >> it should. >> reporter: another message isthink about the trash. it is everywhere in the neighborhood. the people say if people would clean it up, it's a start to having pride in the community. >> we need a lot of people just talking to little kids just about keeping their neighborhood clean. then we can talk about the other stuff don't carry guns you don't need to be a gang
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banger. the latest victim promises... >> disappoint me but it will not stop me. >> and raffson in the hospital and has been released from shock trauma. >> the citizens walk every month in various neighborhoods. a man has died in a freak accident. the lawnmower he was on tumbled down a hill pinning him. the worker was mowing the grass at a commercial property on junction drive. that's when the police believe he lost control of the mower near a steep embankment. and the health administration is investigating. baltimore is closer to getting a casino and retail develop and the city's board of estimates approved a measure that opens the way for the measure. it acquired a site on russell street that would allow a large-
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scale casino as well as retail and office space. more details on the plan are expected to be unveiled tomorrow. hagerstown was the center of the national debate over health care today as center carden hosted another meeting on the topic. we report on the fireworks. >> it's not fair. do you not hear what we say. >> emotions boil over. , you lost the trust of the american people. >> reporter: officials struggled to be heard. >> i am not going to vote for any bill that adds to the national debt. >> it has. >> reporter: police had to remove some of the -- of the rowdy acontinuedys. >> you have eye suped power that is not yours. >> reporter: the senator sat down to talk about the attacks.
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are they against reform or the administration and democrats? >> i think there is a majority that have personalized it. we saw it by the way they personalized this to the president. they're clearly want to see the bill defeated under any circumstance. they want the status quo to remain. >> reporter: an issue, limiting lawsuits: why not extend an olive branch to to tort reform. >> i'm out nipped -- opposed to it. it should be discussed. >> reporter: it's not included now. >> it's not in the committees that reported. but it can be brought into the discussion. >> reporter: but there is no middle ground. >> a the lot of people have taken offense to the images of the president. are you disrespecting the president by doing this? >> we actually wish we dependent have to do it. >> reporter: angry about other
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things. >> roe versus wade should be overturned. >> why does it have to do with health care, it is the government trying to take over our rights. >> an old-fashioned tea party. >> this is the last forum on the issue. he women talk through the fall when congress will debate the specifics of the health care legislation. adam may, wjz news. >> people lined up hours before the meeting to get a place inside 567-8900 people remained outside after the auditorium was filled. are we out of the recession? some believe we are. 90% said it will be over by september. the reserve delivered a vote of confidence that theactivity is levelling out. signs of hope in the economy. home sales are on the rise in maryland. we're live. we have more on parts of the area are seeing the most sales.
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>> and the economy is showing loosening its grip. and for those who would like to buy a home. brittney and scaremy are excited. they bought a home here in ham done. >> that was a factor was our credit so we could get a home. we're that the point. >> reporter: a sea of bad debt and default led to the mortgage crisis in america. yet, good news is on the horizon. according to the association of realtors home sales are up 15%. that makes maryland 9th in the number of homes sold. >> prices are firmed up and units are up. and good. >> reporter: a stable job market has helped the real estate. home sales are up in howard.
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and baltimore county but in the city according to the baltimore business journal. there are no concerns that they will increases will continue but it is a good time to buy. >> what about interest there are banks holding on to money and the bailout people are not getting the loans they hoped to get. >> the highers there is fh. a loans available for first- time buyers. >> like brittney and jeremy. they are renovating their home and hope to move it. >> it is a buyer's market. prices are low. interest rates are low, it is a good time to buy. >> reporter: again the market may be improving but if you like to buy a home, there are a few things to do such as knowing what your credit score is and making sure you shop for a good rate on a mortgage. >> thank you very much.
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as we said sales are up, prices are down. some estimate that the prices have fallen 10% for single family homes in the last year. many drivers take some kind of medication and oftentimes this he don't know the side- effects. we have more on a study that shows the potentially dangerous consequences. >> reporter: read through this f if it is a pay lint that many don't know the side-effects of the medicine. >> an impairing medication can result in an increase in crashes. >> reporter: 78% use medications but 3 out of 4 are not aware of the dangers. 18% received warnings. >> doctors as well as pharmacists need to better educate the drivers on the
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impact. >> it is time to put the brakes on these accidents and deaths. >> we expect this to grow unless measures are taken and medication is addressed. >> reporter: it is one thing to know about it and one thing to do with it. maybe it is a good item to pull over. there is no shame if finding a spot. taking a nap or walking around. >> if you drink coffee keep in mind it will only give you a short term boost of energy. >> they are safer than most. the information is there for the patient. >> when you get a prescription filled you get a sheet with it that gives all the side- effects. >> then there is ernie. he is on the road. >> april 3, 193.
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>> they need a better council. >> when you are given a new medication, do you get counseling from your doctor? >> not only that but prescribed medication to you. they ask you what you are taking. >> the aaa study included drivers 56 to 93. it is launching a web page to cross check your meds. >> be alive. too good to be true a tv why some are mad. a jewelry fascist. now arrests. a grewsome discovery marks another case. the next step for the puppies
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left to guy. that's ahead. >> i'll have the forecast coming up. ♪
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♪ tell me who's watching. (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. cloudy and the forecast is coming up. parts of taiwan have been devastated by a typhoon. rescuers are trying to reach the survivors who are stranded
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in remote villages. however, the rains are hampering efforts. a helicopter crashed into a mountain killing all three on board. and the death toll is at 63. police in london have arrested a suspect in addition with the daring $65 million heist, however, he is not one of the men in the photo. they stole 43 items from a store and fled into a busy street firing shots into the air. authorities say two people aided in the get away. the arrested man was released on bail. a day of honor at the white house for 16 activists, athletes, scientists, humanitarians today. among those receiving the medal of freedom billie jean king. and desmond tu. it u. highest are awarded to those who made a contribution to the us others included the
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found are of the komen for the cure and joseph lowery and openly gay elected official harvey milk. and the board walk is closed after a leak. officials say the hotel will remain closed until the cause can be many determined. there were no directors and the town requires them. three people were taken to the hospital after at the experienced poisoning. one has been released. >> gruesome delivery after puppies are found in a area nearby. >> reporter: two days after being found with the lid shut, this litter played as if nothing happened. >> had they not been found, i don't think they would have made it.
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>> the directover of -- director of the organization that is overseeing the health of the dogs. it was more than 100 degrees inside. most of the puppies look healthy, some are weak. there may be some damage. >> this is not a mistake they put to put someone in a clothes container on a 100-degree day. if they're depressed there could be damage done. >> reporter: this is one of a string of cases in the recent months. animal rescue says this kitten was set on fire by a group of children. they threw rocks at her. when she got it out, they lit her on fire again. >> this puppy was to used with das and set on fire. they tried to nurse it back to work. but the kidneys failed and put
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down. now this case. >> there were so many other options for the puppies. they have taken them to a shelter, a shop. try to find a home. this was total disregard. >> reporter: so far, so good. they are seven weeks old. they will be monitored after that they will be eligible for dehe posit. >> it looks like she made her pick. they will be fixed and homes are being located for them. a plasma for under $10s. would you recorder one. many did that. it listed a 52-inch sam sung plasma for 9.99 it took several hours to notice the error. during that time they he got a lot of orders. now the store says it will not honor the orders.
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some are hopping mad. the price is $1700. it is an all you can eat buffet. there are unlimited lights. travel must be between certain dates. it is good for all 56 of the destinations. it started service from bwi to boston next month. >> take the month off and see the world. >> 500 something dollars. >> we had some showers popping up. and a lot of activity. >> and there has been a lot of rain now it is extending to but ler. and some activity. >> and the area.
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to the north a continuing a few more hours some people. a good downpour this late at night. temperature-s wise, 76. ocean city 78. oakland at 65. it's available. 72 which is moisture. >> in the low to mid70s around the area. we got up to 88. down to the south. lots of rain. down through georgia and the gulf coast to the decent weather. possibility of getting some of the drier air here. stuck with a lot of humidity. to the west it is dried out. we're on the edge there.
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close to showers and the chances of showers with us i think the next day or so it is diminishing, pushing this away. a slight chance. winds out of the northeast. and 83. and tomorrow will be cooler than today because of the winds coming off the ocean. tonight a scattered showers. and 68 by morning. in the afternoon. high only 81 degrees. the next five days. the computer says it will not happen. mid80s. drier by saturday, sunday and monday. >> we'll take your word for it. after practice the ravens
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are really for a game. pre-season kicks off tomorrow. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers.
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whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.
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redskins are coming to town. >> a baseball season that cannot end soon enough. the manager is trying to ignite the o's slumping offense, he brought his hitters together for a pep talk. another loss to the as, the birds slide. and the rookie pitcher faced an a's lineup that is not known for production. and lands for 2 run homer. oakland out to the lead in the 3rd inning. they never trailed. o's are struggling and scoring runs give the a's credit. and david in center field.
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the hit from ty wiggington. day off then the angels on friday. and debut night. a start with the new team the world champion phillies. facing the cubs in chicago. pedro throws 5. gets five strikeouts. jake fox is the first of the five to go down. thanks to a ton of run support. they rust the cubs. ready for some football. ready for the red kins. the pregame opener tomorrow night after banging into one another it is time for them to face the competition. >> peal have the bumps and bruises. >> it is a 7:30 kickoff tomorrow. the first of four for the
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ravens. soccer qualifying in mexico. a must win taking on the us the u.s. has near won at mexico. 9 minutes in. 1-0. we move to the second. eight minutes left in regular regulation. he beats the dolely. 2-1. the u.s. in good standing. i'll be out at ravens stadium and see free season football. >> thank you. back wit
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it is no secret that weddings are not cheap. imagine having your for 99 cents. one 99-cent only store is offering couples the chance to have their weddings for all decorations will come interest from the store. the weddings will be health in the store on september 90 -- 9th. >> would would be passioning my
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